Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My hubby Jim and I at our 31st Annual New Mobilian's Mardi Gras Ball.  
My friend Janet Beaverstock and I were Ball Captains this year.  The gown was made by me.
The top is silver taffeta with black burnout velvet zebra stripe.  The full length skirt is black
velveteen, lined with black taffeta.  The silver flower came from a local beauty supply store.

Our Mock Queen at our Mardi Gras Rehearsal.  Isn't cute?

Mardi Gras Ball rehearsal,  February 7, 2014. Our mock queen and her escort.

Three friends marching with their Mardi Gras umbrellas marching to the Excellsor Band.

Escellsor Mardi Gras Band helps get us in the spirit.

Myself and a friend dancing to the great music.  I was giving my hubby a break.  The lovely lady in the white gown is a very good friend who was one of the driving forces behind the decorations,

Me and my hubby, up close and personal.

Our 2014 Queen and her court.

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  1. Such a truly stunning couple, you and your husband make!