Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Life is full of Adventure

On my way to work this am.  Outfit made by me.  Top, Vogue V8710 (Design by Katherine Tilton). Crop pants Simplicity 5259.

Fall table scape with my original oil painting on the wall. 

Although this blog was created in 2011 as an art  blog displaying my original art work, I have expanded it into a lifestyle blog.  Since I have turned 65, I long to find others that share in the desire to continue to live a beautiful and fulfilling life as we age.  I am an artist,  fashionista, decorator, seamstress, gardener and connoisseur of good wine and food.  I would like to share my interest in life's beauty in my everyday experiences, while seeking spiritual tranquility along the way. As we age many of us are on limited budgets and look to enhance our lives as economically as we can.  I hope I can show you that life can be beautiful on a limited budget with a little imagination and creativity   I hope you enjoy what I have to offer and look forward to your encouragement and comments.

I was born in Napa California and  I grew up in central and eastern California.  I owned a custom drapery store in California for several years before moving to Reno, Nevada.  It was in Reno in 1991 that I learned to oil paint under the direction of Estaban Valle, who has since passed away.   I won several awards over the years and have sold several paintings on both the west and east coast.   In 2004 after my husband's retirement we visited friends in Alabama and fell in love with it's southern charm.  After our visit, we flew back to Reno and sold our home,  I guess it was meant to be because it sold in less than sixty days right in the height of the housing boom.  We flew back to Mobile and instantly bought a home.

Needless moving to Mobile was a culture shock, but the southern hospitality made up for it.  Since moving to Mobile we have met wonderful friends and experience the awe of Mardi Gras and the charm of the Gulf coast.

In this blog it is my hope to share my fashion creations, decorating style, gardening and styling on a dime tips.  I look forward to sharing all my designs and special finds with my readers.  I hope you enjoy and look forward to your comments.

Below is my fall dining room table scape.

Treasures found at our local New Mobilian's Annual Yard Sale.  Handmade Italian soap, $2.00; Crystal cracker holder $2.00, Brass Teapot, $5.00 and beautiful gold frame $5.00.  What a find.

Me in my garden.  My azaleas are blooming and ready to be trimmed,  Once it cools down below 90 degrees I will be able to do some trimming.  Humming birds and butterflies have been abundant the past several weeks. My sweater is from a local yard sale this past week end that our New Mobilian's Group held as a fund raiser this past weekend and the pants were made by me, Simplicity 2229. Pearls from SteinMart.

I hope you enjoyed sharing some of the things that make me happy.


  1. What a beautiful opening page! I am so happy to have gotten over here, I apologize for the delay after your beautiful email... but I wanted to wait until I had a proper chance to visit :))

    You and I share so many of the same interests! I am in awe of your sewing artistry to be sure! My parents owned a fabric store... so I know how much goes into creating owns own designs.

    Your fall table is beautiful.. and I can see you know how to shop for treasures!

    You are very beautiful in your second outfit as well my dear! Have you thought of linking this post to Patti at Not Dead Yet Style's Visible Monday. She does it every other week... but this weeks is still open. It is a beautiful community of supportive woman... most, who are also interested in living a beautiful life... and believe that style is not only for the young. I know you would be very welcomed... there are even a few who sew also.

    The best time to link is the Sunday after 5:00 Eastern time. The next linking party will be Sunday after next.

    So happy to have found you and your very lovely blog!


    1. Thank you so much for responding. As I am new at this I will certainly try to link up the Sunday after next. I have always been interested in style, art and design. As I get ready for retirement, I am have been searching for like minded women, who don't feel that our interest in style, design and art end at 40. I am excited in getting connected with Not Dead Yet Visible Monday and Judith Boyds Hat Attack. I am currently trying to find time between working part time, my social activities, sewing projects, gardening, etc. I enjoy your blog and my heart goes out to you for all your are going through personally, as I have been there and know how hard it is. I look forward to hearing from you and I will be working on improving my blog with fashion, recipes. design, gardening and local points of interest here in Mobile. Believe it or not I was born in Napa California and my husband is from Pasadena and owned a home in Hastings Ranch many years ago. We even looked at buying a home in Rancho Santa Margarita when we first married in 1996. However, we lived in Reno, Nevada for 20 years before moving to Mobile. We had originally wanted to move back to California, but with the cost of housing in 2004, it was prohibitive. Anyway, here we are. We still have friends in Southern California, and hope to get back that way one of these days. I would love to meet you personally someday. You seem like such a beautiful, soulful person. We all need someone we can pour our hearts out to and know that we are understood and loved no matter what. Anyway, I guess I shouldn't ramble on. Thank you so much for your note. I look forward to keeping in touch with such a lovely lady. Hugs. Shirley